Clarity is an investment advisory firm, which also co-invests in some of the projects and deals it advises on. The Firm undertakes economic and feasibility analysis and makes investments in the areas of life’s essentials: Food, Energy and Water.

As its name indicates, Clarity is about “clarity” of thought and “clarity” of action. Our strong relationships and solid track record allows us to clearly identify opportunities, challenges and solutions. Whether as advisors or direct investors, we set clear objectives and create the mechanisms that create shareholder value and high return on investment (ROI).

Our analysis is intended to provide owners and management with meaningful business insights, identifying the best strategies to create opportunities for growth and success. Clarity will also use its own seed money to co-invest with various partners in fresh ventures or will look at investing growth equity in existing companies or projects.

All of the investments by Clarity are Shari’ah compliant.

Clarity is a member of the Mohamed Al Otaiba Group Est, a leading family-owned business located in Abu Dhabi, UAE.